Dominating questing with a WoW Leveling Bot

One of the most fun things to do in your off time in World of Warcraft is to level up alternate character. These characters, often called alts, can be incredibly fun to level and then will give you another option for the end game once you get to top level. Leveling up new characters will always be a part of the game so why not make it easier? You can automate your leveling completely and have max characters in no time!

Best Ways to Ding 90 Fast

kalimdor horde level up guideIf you want to get your character up to level 90 in an efficient amount of time, then you really need WoW leveling bots to get it done. There are plenty of leveling bots out there, but none so good as MMO Mimic. This wow leveling bot can completely automate leveling your character so you don’t have to think about it. Another crucial part or leveling quickly is to purchase some BoA gear with justice points. This gear works for low level characters by scaling with their level and providing them with bonus experience. With a full set of Bind on Account gear and the best leveling bot in MMO Mimic, you are sure to have your character ready quickly. With the fastest questing routes and best fighting ability, it’s no wonder that this bot is so popular.

MMO Mimic and their WoW Leveling Bot

blood elves level up wowThe other WoW bots that one can find on the internet can hardly be called competition when compared to MMO Mimic. This bot has been around for the longest and offers the most services to their customers. MMO Mimic can do it all while many bots choose to focus on just one thing. This bot is also one of the few ones that can get your character to level 90. With any of the other bots you might find, your character must be at level 90 before you can even make use of it. This is why MMO Mimic is preferred by most WoW players and indeed players of other games like Rift and Diablo III. This company makes the best bots for all kinds of MMO’s so make sure to get your own version of it today!

Different Methods of Leveling

level by questing world of warcraftIt’s no surprise that constantly queuing as a tank to defeat monsters and complete quests is the fastest way to level. However, this is incredibly hard to automate, and only five of the eleven classes have a tanking spec. For this reason, MMO Mimic focuses on leveling by grinding insanely fast quest routes to get you up quick. You can simply leave your bot on overnight and wake up to a max level character just begging to be played! With these leveling services, one could feasibly have a character of every class if they were diligent. While other bots grind monsters for less than ideal experience over a long period of time, MMO Mimic has the quickest ways to 90 already figured out and they are sharing them with the world.

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