Most Effective WoW Fishing Bot

world of warcraft fishing bot¬†Fishing is a great professions as it is secondary, so everyone can learn it without giving up their current primary professions. Naturally, there are going to be WoW bots that target this part of the game as well. Those who design bots for video games are simply trying to make the game easier and more fun for themselves and those who play it. It’s a shame that Blizzard doesn’t embrace this part of its game and instead tries to get ride of it.

Which Bot Should I Choose?

wow fishing professionThere are so many bots out there that it can be a little overwhelming for new comers to the scene! Honorbuddy is a bot that is very well advertised, but that can be very misleading. While this bot might turn up in searches a lot, they do not provide a quality bot like better designers do. MMO Mimic is easily the best bot because it contains more features than the competitors. No matter which aspect of your game you want to automate, leveling professions, making gold, grinding honor, or leveling your actual character, MMO Mimic has it all covered. If you want the best WoW bot on the market, you should stick with this one because it is trusted by many players and has been around for a long time. Time tells all, and that is certainly the case here. MMO Mimic is the best place to get your own WoW bot.

Leveling Fishing and Benefiting

Like all other professions, leveling Fishing is a long and tedious process. Players start at level 1 and must get all the way to level 600! These levels, or skill ups, usually come whenever you fish somewhere with relevant difficulty. As MMO Mimic can automate this for you, it’s really not a big deal anymore. Just leave your bot on overnight and you will be a Zen Master Fisherman in no time! Fishing pairs excellent with Cooking and one should take the opportunity to level both professions at once if possible. The fish that you catch with the former profession can be used to make recipes for the latter. If you don’t want to level Cooking, you can just put the fish on the auction house and make loads of money! While more money would probably be made from high level food, it’s not that big of a deal if you just want to level Fishing with MMO Mimic.


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